Clear Compostable Waste Sack 85 litres


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Clear Compostable Waste Sack 85 litres

About this item

  • 100% biodegradable and compostable waste sack
  • Material is clear with a slightly frosted look compared to traditional clear polythene.
  • Suitable for large rubbish bins
  • Ideal for collecting garden waste and food waste
  • Neutralise nasty smells and keep your bin fresh and clean
  • Conforms to compostability standard EN13432
  • Designed to disintegrate (12 weeks) and then biodegrade into CO2, water and biomass (6 months) in industrial composting
  • Also suitable for domestic compost units, but the process will take longer (does not meet EN13432 timescale)
  • Material has minimum 30% renewable content share

Product dimensions – Clear compostable waste sack

  • Internal width (closed): 450mm (18″)
  • Internal width (open): 725mm (29″)
  • Internal length: 975mm (38″)
  • Polythene thickness: 20 micron (80 gauge)
  • Bag capacity: Approx. 85 litres
  • Box quantity: 200 bags (or 50 per mini pack)

This compostable waste sack conforms to testing criteria for the EN13432 compostable packaging standard. These include:

  • The material must break down into pieces so small that 90% of it passes through a 2mm x 2mm mesh after 12 weeks.
  • The material must demonstrate a minimum of 90% degradation after six months.
  • Compost quality must not be negatively affected by the addition of the composted material.
  • The material must meet strict limits for toxic elements, including fluoride and 10 heavy metals.

How to store white compostable waste sacks

Compostable packaging should be stored in a cool, dry place and in its original packaging to best maintain the quality of the product. Keep away from direct sources of heat, moisture and sunlight and use within 12 months.

Clear compostable waste sacks – disposal options

These compostable waste sacks will completely biodegrade in industrial composting units (as per EN13432), so they are best disposed of in your food waste bin.

They are also suitable for domestic composting, but this process will take a lot longer and will not EN13432’s rapid biodegradation timescale.

These bags should not be recycled. If composting is not an option, please dispose of them in your regular waste bin.

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