100%Biodegradable Vest Carrier Bag – Medium


10/15″ wide x 18″ high x 10 micron (Medium)

Box quantity: 1,000 bags

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No waste - Save the Planet

100%Biodegradable Vest Carrier Bag – Medium

  • Eco-friendly vest carrier bag manufactured with a bio-additive that accelerates the degradation process.
  • Printed with bold green motif and text: ‘This carrier bag is 100% DEGRADABLE’.
  • 12-month shelf life – performs like regular light-duty polythene carrier bag until that point.
  • After 12 months, designed to rapidly degrade and then biodegrade in landfill.
  • Will break down into naturally-benign materials (CO2, water and biomass) within a period of 2-5 years.
  • Suitable for recycling whilst bag still intact – see ‘How to Dispose’ section, below.
  • Expandable side gussets make room for bulky items.
  • Food-safe.

Medium biodegradable white vest carrier bag – dimensions

  • Internal width (closed): 254mm (10″)
  • Internal width (open): 381mm (15″)
  • Height: 457mm (18″)
  • Polythene thickness: 10 micron (40 gauge)
  • Box quantity: 1,000 bags

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No waste - Save the Planet

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